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About Us


Amrika Armory, LLC was established in 2021 in the great state of Arizona. We're here to provide solid products, information, and resources that everyone from the newest shooters to seasoned pros can understand and appreciate. And when we say everyone, we're including the enormous number of diverse new shooters that America has gained these past few years, from women, minority groups, and the LGBTQ+ community. In a world where gun stores are increasingly employing hate speech, controversy, and division in order to sell merchandise...we're here for you.


You may have noticed our store is a bit on the small side. Well, so are we -- but we do our best to provide a streamlined, curated selection of products that strictly meet the criteria of being high quality, excellent value, and widely respected by the shooting community. As time goes on, we'll continually expand our selection, but we're committed to only provide you with great choices so that you can have peace of mind as you shop. We're not here to make an easy buck off of your bad decisions...we'll leave that lousy tactic to literally every other store out there. If that loses us some cash along the way, then so be it.

You might also notice all the helpful tips and linked articles throughout the site. That's because we prioritize giving you all the info you need, right when you need it. We put an emphasis on informing newer shooters and helping to build a community of safe, responsible gun owners. We're adding new articles all the time, so make sure to stay posted and keep that good knowledge flowing.

Local customer looking for some local services? We're proud to offer firearm transfers, specialized one-on-one training, and even machine gun rentals in our area!

Reach out to us for more info.

Our Stance

Our Stance

We are firmly Pro-2A. We believe in the universal right to self-preservation and the right to defend oneself from others. Self-preservation is not a partisan issue, and we believe that the most effective weapon in a time of imminent danger - modern firearms - shouldn't be either.

We do not condone political violence or acts of aggression. There is a difference between defense against an aggressive act, and committing an aggressive act oneself. There is also a difference between preparedness, and fanning the flames of a potential conflict. We neither support the idea nor put stock in the remote likelihood of an impending civil war, despite the growing paranoia and fear of such a catastrophe being systematically sold to all citizens by countless exploitative media sources. Unfortunately, the loudest and most extreme voices are those which are most frequently amplified by the news and by social media, often with the primary purpose of ad revenue and web traffic. That does not mean however that any meaningful number of your fellow countrymen, prejudices and all, are wishing or willing to commit acts of violence against anyone, let alone have intentions to instigate a civil war.


We do however acknowledge that hate crimes, extremist militias, and political violence are unfortunately valid concerns, especially for those who are most frequently targeted and feel the weight of such prejudice on a daily basis. Preparedness and the ability to defend oneself are key, but we'd like to again emphasize that preparedness and defense are not the same as committing (or advocating for) aggressive acts or reciprocal violence. An armed conflict has no winner in a democratic society. De-escalation, de-radicalization, and unity should always be the ultimate goal -- not further conflict.

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