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Federal's .22 LR ammunition is among the best for reliability and performance. This 525-round value pack is loaded with high quality copper-plated hollow point projectiles


Federal is the ammo brand that others are compared to, setting the standard for quality control and reliability. Their ammunition is trusted and respected by shooters everywhere.


Why we chose it over all other .22 ammo:

  • Federal Champion is a great balance of quality and price
  • The 525-round value pack makes things even easier on your wallet
  • Although many .22 LR guns are known to be picky with ammo, many firearms function quite well with Federal .22 LR ammo


Looking for a great .22 LR rifle? We recommend this Ruger 10/22 with a stainless steel barrel.

.22 LR Federal Champion 36gr CPHP (525/Box)

$41.99 Regular Price
$33.99Sale Price