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Hornady's legendary precision ammo is known far and wide by precision shooters, long-range competitors, and serious hunters alike. Incredible quality control, excellent brass, and Hornady's cutting-edge polymer-tipped ELD (Extremely-Low-Drag) projectiles combine to make for a truly formidable round.


Why Hornady ELD Match ammo is the best in the business:

  • Outstanding performance, with a ballistic coeffecient of .523 (G1) and .263 (G7).
  • High-tech ELD projectiles use a sharp polymer tip to provide a durable and uniquely aerodynamic shape compared to other rounds.
  • Highly consistent brass. Immaculately clean and shiny, too, if that's your thing.


Looking for a more affordable alternative for casual .308 range ammo? Check out this great option from PMC!

.308 Hornady Match 168gr ELD (20/Box)

$38.99 Regular Price
$31.99Sale Price