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Quality .38 Special ammunition at a great price from PMC. This is great universal ammo, with its 132gr FMJ (full metal jacket) projectiles, perfect for target shooting and beyond. For .357 Mag / .38 Special revolver owners, this ammo is great for giving your wrist a break for with some lower-recoil fun and practice.


Like all of our products, we selected this ammunition specifically for its great performance and value. PMC is our favorite ammo to use ourselves!


Why we love it:

  • PMC is well-known for its excellent quality control
  • High performance ammo at a great value
  • Impressive reliability
  • Reload your own rounds? We're a big fan of PMC's brass for multiple, easy reloads per casing.


We've also got some equally great .357 Magnum ammo from PMC!

.38 Special PMC Bronze 132gr FMJ (50/Box)

$22.49 Regular Price
$19.23Sale Price