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Impractical? You know it. It's also the most fun you can have with less than 20" of gun. This compact AK from the world-renowned Zastava is what a good time at the range looks like. Plus, it packs some handy modern features and Zastava quality into a decidedly iconic, classic AK frame.


What makes it great:

  • Gorgeous "Serbian Red" wooden handguard
  • Cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrel - (makes for great durability)
  • Built with Zastava's pin retainer plate, making trigger upgrades a breeze compared to other AK's
  • Modern safety selector, with handy safety notch to lock bolt open
  • Threaded muzzle hiding just below the import-compliant barrel nut
  • Easily convertible to an SBR thanks to pre-drilled rear trunnion


Don't forget to grab some mags, too! We've also got a special mag for the really adventurous types...