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Pro-Gun Mental Health Non-Profits

Mental Health

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Hold My Guns

Offering a growing network of FFL's around the country who will store your firearms in times of need, no questions asked.

Walk The Talk America WTTA

Bridging the gap between mental health professionals and gun owners to reduce firearm related suicides through education.

LGBTQ+ Gun Communities & Training

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LGBTQ+ Gun Communities
Pink Pistols

LGBTQ+ friendly organization with dozens of local chapters around the US, offering support, community, and training.

Operation Blazing Sword

The partner organization of Pink Pistols, Operation Blazing Sword focuses on connecting the LGBTQ+ community to local instructors.


Provider of low cost training, assistance, and support to marginalized peoples; such as the BIPOC & LGBTQ+ communities.

Community Prep r/communityprep Reddit

A great new LGBTQ+ and minority friendly online community, facilitating free firearm instruction meetups for all members.

Great Tools & Information

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Great Tools and Information
NSSF Where to Shoot

An excellent tool for finding all the local indoor and outdoor shooting ranges in your vicinity.


A great leftist firearms publication for educational articles, product reviews, and more!

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The best website for all of us firearm nerds, the famous Ian McCollum educates on countless historical firearms and concepts.


Providing the world with much-needed independent research and data on modern silencer technology and sound ratings.

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