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Guns & Self-Harm

Everyone goes through hardship in their lives, and many of us experience depression and other mental health concerns. In a perfect world, there would be no more shame in going through a rough patch or having a mental illness than there would be in catching the flu or being born with a disability -- And yet, there are countless people who sadly never seek help, fear the perception of their community, employer, or loved ones if they did, or feel like they don't have an adequate support system. Unfortunately, when guns are around, a particularly bad day can become a tragedy.


Thankfully, gun owners are increasingly reaching out to their friends, communities, loved ones, and great organizations like, and having them temporarily hang on to their firearms when times are hard for the gun owner or anyone in their household. This is one of the absolute best ways to immediately reduce risk until you're ready to have guns back in your home, in addition of course to seeking professional help.


Struggling to find anyone around you who is gun-friendly, or willing to take on your firearms? A common solution is to instead give them one of the vital operating mechanisms of each firearm, rendering your guns harmless. Depending on the gun, this could be a firing pin, slide, bolt, barrel, and so on. For practically every gun, a part such as the slide or bolt can be removed in just a few seconds. If you need help, simply look up a disassembly video online (there are many such videos for each type of gun on YouTube) or reach out to us here! We'd be more than happy to help out.


If you're still concerned about anonymity and don't feel comfortable contacting someone you know, you can contact us, an organization like Hold My Guns, a local gun store, or simply get rid of your guns, the ammo, or the operating mechanisms mentioned above.


Remember: Inanimate objects are replaceable. You are not.

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