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This excellent AR-15 lower parts kit from Lead & Steel features a number of their upgraded parts, including the polymer Thril pistol grip, the single-stage straight-edged 3.5lb Enhanced Reliability Combat Trigger, and an enhanced bolt catch and trigger guard!


This set gives you a solid set of parts for your next build, or as an excellent upgrade for your existing lower.

Lead & Steel - AR-15 Lower Parts Kit (LPK)

    • +30 Parts Included (See Full List)
    • Polymer Pistol Grip
    • 3.5lb Single-Stage Trigger
    • Compatible with MIL-SPEC AR-15 lower receivers
    • Safety Selector
    • Selector Spring
    • Selector Detent
    • Magazine Catch
    • Magazine Catch Spring
    • Magazine Catch Button
    • Enhanced Bolt Catch
    • B