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Hearing protection is absolutely essential for any shooting session, and Radians Resistor 32 ear plugs offer about the best protection you can buy, with an incredible 32-decibel Noise Reduction Rating. 25 pairs are included in the convenient jar.


These are our absolute favorite type of ear plug after decades of trying different brands. The Resistor 32 has become our go-to method of hearing protection.


Why we think they're the best on the market:

  • Impressive performance at the shooting range
  • Especially soft, comfortable foam
  • Expands well, and at just the right speed
  • It may sound odd, but the reusable jar is one of the best features. Perfect for throwing into your range bag and never having to worry about it coming open or tearing like the bagged earplugs do.


What safety gear do I need?

Resistor 32NRR Ear Plugs - 25 Pair Jar